Bloo/blook Pronouns


bloo/blook are gender neutral neopronouns which can be used regardless of gender or identity.

Name Subject Object Determiner Pronoun Reflexive
bloo/blook bloo blook blooks blooks blookself

What are bloo/blook pronouns?

bloo/blook are preffered pronouns used to describe a person. When someone uses the bloo/blook pronouns this means that they prefer to be referred to using those pronouns.
Don't know which pronouns to use?
Don't know which pronouns to use? If you are unsure of a persons pronouns it's always best to refer to them as they/them
How to use bloo/blook pronouns
  • bloo is going to the store to buy chips.
  • I met blook at the bus station today.
  • I played Pokemon on blooks Nintendo switch.
  • bloo took Buttons to the vet blookself.
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