Ai/ai Pronouns


ai/ai are gender neutral neopronouns which can be used regardless of gender or identity.

Name Subject Object Determiner Pronoun Reflexive
ai/ai ai ai ais ais aisself

What are ai/ai pronouns?

ai/ai are preffered pronouns used to describe a person. When someone uses the ai/ai pronouns this means that they prefer to be referred to using those pronouns.
Don't know which pronouns to use?
Don't know which pronouns to use? If you are unsure of a persons pronouns it's always best to refer to them as they/them
How to use ai/ai pronouns
  • ai is going to the store to buy chips.
  • I met ai at the bus station today.
  • I played Pokemon on ais Nintendo switch.
  • ai took Buttons to the vet aisself.
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